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Siemens - 192-202 - Pneu Stat DA 2 Pipe 45-85 Deg No Cover Siemens Bldg Technologies

Siemens DA 2 pipe Pneumatic Thermostat 45-85 degree NO Cover

The Siemens 192-202 Powers Controls Thermostat is a proportional single output, single set point, 2-pipe (high air capacity) sensor controller. Includes a wall mounting plate for installation in a variety of rough-in terminal boxes,  a sensitive bimetal which responds to temperature change to modulate control air through a flapper nozzle, and one set point dial. Air connections are made with 5/32” (4 mm) OD plastic tubing, directly to the thermostat chassis for retrofit applications or with plug-in adapters (provided with the TH 192 rough-in terminal box or optional accessories) which slide into the wall mounting plate.


The Siemens 192-202 Powers Controls Thermostat is a direct-acting two-pipe relay which features Fahrenheit set point dials, a highly sensitive bimetal thermostatic element, field adjustable sensitivity with graduated scale, integral field adjustable limit stops, a control pressure test port that is accessible without removing cover, and easily replaceable thermometer, set point dial, filters, and restrictor plate. Covers are  available for concealed or exposed thermometers and for either concealed, key, or exposed knob adjustment and set point indication. The standard plastic thermostat covers include desert beige or white finish.

Optional design features include fixed temperature limit stops which meet government specifications, competitor adapter mounting kits, metal covers in a variety of finishes, and optional 1/2” large set point adjustment knobs. Cover not included


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Product Specifications

 Product Specifications

Control action Direct Acting Fahrenheit
Set Point Adjustment Exposed at bottom of cover
Operating range 45 to 85°F (7 to 30°C)
Supply air pressure, maximum 30 psi (207 kPa)
Normal air supply pressure 18 to 25 psi (124 to 172 kPa)
Sensitivity adjustment 1 to 4 psi/°F (12 to 50 kPa/°C)
Nominal air consumption 20 scim (5.5 ml/sec)
Storage temperature -10 to 140°F (-23 to 60°C)
Ambient operating temperature 40 to 140°F (4 to 60°C)
Temperature response 0.1°F (0.06°C)
Dial graduations 2°F (1°C)
Calibration @ 72°F (22°C) 7.5 psi (52 kPa)
Sensitivity 2.5 psi/°F (31 kPa/°C)
Limit stop adjustment 45 and 85°F (7 and 30°C)
Standard cover Cycolac, desert beige
Shipping weight  0.7 lbs. (0.3 kg)


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